Quality and Safety

Our culture of care Quality and Safety

The Erasmus Hospital is committed to an active approach to improve care quality and safety. Quality and risk management is pursuing an ambitious goal of care quality and excellence, with particular attention to patient involvement at the different levels.

We promote a quality management in which the hospital management, professionals and patients work together to build  a safer care system in which care providers are proud to provide the highest quality care and patients are sure of receiving the safest possible care. 

Our quality is steered, recognised and known thanks to indicators that enable everyone to optimise their care activities throughout the patient pathway. 

Risk management

Our risk management policy aims to:

Anticipate risks

Ensure the safety of patients and staff and reduce the risk of error and incidents by: 

  • Evaluating and prioritising identified risks per department, speciality or process
  • Defining an action plan in the face of these risks

Reporting a care incident by the patent/family

We spare no effort in providing the highest quality care for all. But we are aware that incidents can occur during your own presence at our hospital or that of a child or loved one. It is important  to inform us of any such event  using this form so as to help us improve and ensure that it does not occur again

Please note: This form does not constitute a complaint or request for mediation. For further information on this subject, please contact the mediation service 


Undesirable events

Analysis of undesirable events to avoid a repeat and increase care safety. This policy requires a proactive approach and cooperation between all members of the hospital team to create  a safe and secure environment. 

Continuous information

The monitoring indicators

The Erasmus Hospital carries out a regular self-assessment thanks to the use of indicators. A care quality and safety indicator is a tool that makes it possible to evaluate a state of health, practice or event. This evaluation tool helps us to orient our improvement action plans and our priorities. The monitoring indicator is a managerial tool aiding decision-making and the follow-up of improvements. 

Care quality is improved by analysing the indicator results, surveys of patient experiences and reports of undesirable events. 


The Erasmus Hospital management is committed to a process of accreditation with  Accreditation Canada (ACI). This is a continuous cycle with the aim of improving care quality. 

Accreditation is a method of evaluating the conformity of the hospital processes as a whole against standards set and recognised internationally with the aim of  initiating and/or supporting and consolidating  measures for continuous quality improvement.


The Patient Partnership

The Erasmus Hospital awards great importance to developing the Patient Partnership

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