Legal notices for the website and social networks of Erasme Hospital

  • Entity (company name) : Les Cliniques Universitaires de Bruxelles – Hôpital Erasme (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • Registered office address : Route de Lennik 808, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgique

Hereinafter, the "Institution"

  • Registered on the directory of legal persons under company no. : 0941.792.893
  • VAT number: BE 0941.792.893
  • Publisher responsible for the website (the Website Institution) : Hôpital Erasme
  • Contact mailcommunication [at] hubruxelles [dot] be (communication[at]hubruxelles[dot]be)

As a hospital structure, the competent supervisory authority for the Institution is the Federal Public Service (FPS) for Health, Safety of the Food Chain and the Environment.
The activities of the Institution and its staff are governed by various standards and codes of ethics, including but not limited to the following

  • The coordinated law on hospitals and other care establishments of 10 July 2008;
  • The Law on patients' rights of 22 August 2008;
  • The Law on the quality of healthcare practice of 22 April 2019;
  • The code of medical ethics.

Terms of use and Disclaimer for the website and the Institution's pages on social networks

1. Field of application

These general conditions of use (hereinafter the "GCU") are destined for and apply to all users and for any visit to and consultation of the present website (hereinafter referred to as "the (web)site") and the Institution's pages on social networks (hereinafter referred to as "the pages" and "the (social) networks").
In visiting or using this website or the Institution's pages on the networks, you acknowledge that you are familiar with and accept all the present provisions.
The Institution reserves the right to change, in full or in part, the GCU at any time it may consider it necessary and without prior notification. As a result, the user must be sure to consult the CGU regularly so as to be informed of any changes. The conditions as they apply at the time you use or visit the site or the social network page will be applicable. 

2. Access to and use of the website and the pages of the social  networks

The Institution takes the necessary and reasonable measures to ensure that this website and its pages on the social networks remain operational, accessible and secure. However, no guarantee to this effect can be given and the Institution, bound by an obligation of means, cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, and of whatsoever nature, that results from using this website or one of the social network pages, such as, by way of example only, interrupted access, inaccessibility, malfunctioning, impaired utilisation or the presence of a virus. 

3. The website content and the pages of the social  networks

The information presented on this website and the Institution pages of the social networks is of a general nature and is not particularly destined for a particular situation. 
It is possible that the content of this website and the Institution’s pages on the social networks will not always be complete, correct, sufficiently precise or up to date. 
The Institution nevertheless takes the necessary and reasonable measures to keep the website content and on the pages on social networks content complete and sufficient and may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage that the user may incur following consultation or use of the said content. 
The Institution reserves the right to change and adapt this website and the pages on its social networks, its layout, the information it contains and possibly any services that may be proposed on it, and this without prior notification being necessary and without engaging its liability.  
If the website content or the content on the social network pages should be found to contravene the law, ethics, morality or the rights of third parties, please notify us of this as quickly as possible via the address communication [at] hubruxelles [dot] be (communication[at]hubruxelles[dot]be) so that we can remedy it without delay. 
Any downloading from the website or on the social network pages is always at the user's risk. The Institution cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect and of whatsoever nature, which may be linked to this downloading, unless statutory provisions stipulate otherwise. 

  1. Links to other websites

This website and the Institution's pages on the networks contain links or hyperlinks redirecting to other websites or other pages on the networks. Other websites or network pages may also contain links redirecting to the Institution's website or pages.
The Institution has no relationship or agreement, explicit or implicit, with these other sites or third party owners of accounts and pages on social networks. It exercises no control whatsoever over the said sites or pages and cannot be held responsible for their functionality, the quality of their content, the proper functioning of the links or the destination to which the user is directed when a link is activated.
When a link is activated, the user leaves the Institution's site or page. The destination site or page has its own policies and information documents (legal notice, disclaimer, privacy policy and cookie policy), and the Institution's policies do not apply to it. For your own security, users are encouraged to consult the documents of the destination sites or pages.

5. Intellectual property

All the present website's content and the content on the Institution's pages on the social networks is the Institution's property for which it is the copyright holder. The content means, among other things, the photographs, articles and other texts, drawings, logos, soundtracks, films, videos and animations, etc. 
Any use of the website content by any user is subject to express authorisation in writing from the Institution, with the exception of consultation for personal and non-commercial purposes or for a teaching or research reason. 
The Institution recognises the full application of the statutory exceptions to copyright as defined in the Code of Economic Law. In cases where one of these exceptions applies, the user must nevertheless check the origin of the elements the user reproduces (that is, the possible title of the element reproduced, author's name if presented on the website, name of the institution, and address of the web page of origin) and must respect the moral rights of the author(s) concerned, the Institution wanting to be sure that these are respected.
The Institution authorises the creation of a hypertext link redirecting visitors to this website or to its network pages, provided the initial website does not contain any defamatory contents or any illegal content, and that the creation of these links does not use "framing" or "inlining" techniques. 
Please address any request to use the content of this website, or the name of the Institution, to: communication [at] hubruxelles [dot] be (communication[at]hubruxelles[dot]be) 

6. The user's obligations and responsibilities

In addition to the conditions of use set out in this document, the user undertakes to respect the following provisions: 

  1. The responsibilities referred to in this document cover any act or omission, voluntary or otherwise, on the part of the user in the framework of the use of this website. 
  2. The user is responsible for the use he or she makes of this website and the Institution’s pages on social networks. When using this website and the mentioned pages the user undertakes to respect the GCU, the disclaimer and the law and to use it in a reasonable manner, without negligence or ill intention. The user undertakes not to use it for illegal purposes or contrary to good morals, and not to use it in a way that could harm the rights, image or interests of the Institution, of its partners, of its suppliers, of its staff, or of any other user.     
  3. The user bears sole responsibility for data that he or she chooses to encode on the Institution's website and on its network pages, the Institution inviting the user to be careful to ensure security when making these choices. The Institution is attentive to user security by limiting the encoding and processing possibilities realised on its data by putting into place organisational and technical measures.   The Institution is responsible for informing the user of processing it carries out on the encoded data. This information is available in the Institution's privacy policies.
  4. All users are forbidden from introducing data to the website or on the social networks pages that could change its content, layout, appearance or proper functioning. 
  5. The user is responsible for the proper functioning of the devices he/she uses to use the said site or the Institution's pages on the networks. He shall also be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, suffered by his computer system as a result of using the site or these pages, as well as for any loss of data resulting from the use or downloading of any content whatsoever from the site or from any of the Institution's pages.

7. Waiver of the Institution's responsibility

The waiver of responsibility as described in these provisions covers all liability, contractual or otherwise, criminal or quasi-criminal, whether founded on no-fault liability or otherwise, and this even if the Institution has been warned of the possibility of direct or indirect consequences resulting from the use of this website, the Institution's pages on social networks or their respective content.

8. Image rights

The persons presented and who may be identified on this site or on the Institution's pages on social networks have authorised the Institution to use their image. Any reproduction or other re-use of the image of a person presented on this site or said pages is prohibited.

9. Processing of personal data

The Institution ensures that it respects Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data ("General Data Protection Regulation", "Regulation" or "GDPR").
To consult the Regulation (in the language of your choice):
The Institute processes personal data in a number of situations. For each type of situation a private life policy is applied and communicated so as to inform the persons concerned in accordance with the GDPR. You will find the documents corresponding to your situation by clicking on these links: 

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any use of this site and the Institution's pages on social networks is governed by Belgian law.
In the absence of an amicable agreement, any dispute relating to the use of this site and the said pages or to their content shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Brussels.

11. Contact

  • For any questions concerning the website content: communication [at] hubruxelles [dot] be (communication[at]hubruxelles[dot]be)   
  • For any technical questions:  info [at] webstanz [dot] be (info[at]webstanz[dot]be)

Date of latest update: 24/10/2023