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If you work at the Erasme Hospital and would like to check your e-mail, your leave balance or your working hours, or connect to the internal wi-fi network, find below the links for a remote connection wherever you are:

  • Webmail
  • STP interface (timetables and holidays)
  • IT helpdesk 
  • Tutorials for using the medical portal and DMI
  • Internal wi-fi network


The Erasme hospital provides a stimulating environment for clinical and fundamental research. On one hand, clinical research enables patients to benefit from the most innovative treatment. On the other hand, fundamental research allows us to acquire a better understanding of the human body, its cells and connections with diseases present. This is essential in achieving progress in combating diseases.



The Erasme Hospital provides the ideal environment for the transmission of knowledge between its constituent institutions. Training in all the healthcare professions (doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, lab technicians, etc.) is very much hands on, in close contact with the medical teams and patients.


Clinical biology

Discover the Brussels University Hospital Laboratory (LHUB-ULB).