Horizon TransIdentity Centre (CHTI)

Our role

The centre supports people who are transgender or who are questioning their gender identity, together with their loved ones, by giving them the opportunity to explain their difficulties and put their questions to  trained healthcare professionals. 

Our multidisciplinary team supports people of all ages, from children to adults, as part of an open and non-pathologizing approach. 

Our mission is also to provide information within the various health structures.

Our specialities

The centre has a multidisciplinary team and experts who are references in their specialities, consequently providing the most comprehensive support possible: 

Psychology and Sexology: Our psychologists and sexologists are at the heart of the support provided by the Horizon TransIdentity Centre. They are ready to listen to the life experiences of beneficiaries in a one-to-one, family or group context. 

Social service: This provides information and assistance to facilitate administrative procedures (link with the various institutions the beneficiaries are in contact with, assistance in obtaining identity documents, financial accompaniment, etc.) 

Paediatric endocrinology: Permits support during puberty, comprehensive health checkups and detailed information on puberty blockers as well as on the various gender-affirming hormone  treatments. When these treatments are prescribed the child endocrinologist makes regular progress checks to ensure the young person in question receives optimal care. 

Endocrinology: Permits detailed information on the different gender-affirming treatments. When these treatments are prescribed the endocrinologist makes a regular progress check to ensure optimal care. 

Gynaecology: Our Gynaecology Department has solid experience in the field of fertility preservation and medically assisted procreation. Our department ca also support beneficiaries when undergoing certain surgical procedures (hysterectomy, ovariectomy, etc.).   

Urology and paediatric urology: The Urology Department permits support and follow-up before and after gender-affirming surgery  (metaidoïoplasty, phalloplasty, etc.)

Child, adolescent and adult psychology: For beneficiaries who express the need, these departments permit an assessment and monitoring of a mental health problem by child psychiatrists and psychiatrists trained to be aware of and attentive to the plurality of gender expression. 

Plastic surgery: Our department proposes support throughout the various gender-affirming surgical procedures (torsoplasty, breast enlargement, facial surgery, etc.)

Genetics: The Genetics Department is available to respond to doubts and questions, especially for intersex beneficiaries. 

Internal medicine: Through the HIV Reference Centre in particular, we are able to offer advice and support on sexual health. 

Our team

Centre :

Marie Poncelet - Coordinator

Sandrine Deplus – Psychologist & Case Manager

Isabelle Lambotte – Child and adolescent psychologist

Géraldine Van Braekel - Sexologist

FeryalHaddouch – Social worker

Denis Storme– Social worker

Cristina VasilicaSerediuc - Secretary


Centre references, per speciality:

Child urologist: Karim Khelif

Child endocrinologist: Cécile Brachet & Alfredo Vicinanza

Child psychiatry: Marie Poncelet & Véronique Delvenne

Endocrinology: AglaiaKyrill i& Rebecca Fischler

Urology: Thierry Roumeguere

Gynaeology: OraniteGoldrat& Anne Delbaere

Plastic surgery: Diane Franck & Frederic Urbain

Genetics: Catherine Vilain & Urielle Ullmann

Psychiatry: Camille Point

Internal medicine – HIV Reference Centre : Jean-Christophe Goffard