The Erasmus Hospital for care that is accessible to all

Since 1977 the Erasmus Hospital has been proposing general care adapted to the individual patient. With a capacity of 1,048 beds, every year it is able to treat between 25,000 and 30,000 hospitalised patients and between 350,000 and 400,000 who attend for consultations as outpatients.   

Also recognised as a Belgian reference centre for 12 rare diseases and member of several European reference networks, the hospital is situated on the Erasmus hospital and university campus in Anderlecht.

The campus is also home to the Jules Bordet Institute, the Faculty of Medicine of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Faculty of Motor Sciences and the School of Public Health.   

Two internal centres (the Erasmus Medical Centre – EMC and the Erasmus Imedia Centre), an external polyclinic (Lothier) and two external centres (Trauma and Rehabilitation Centre – CTR and the Geriatric Rehabilitation Centre – CRG) complete the patient care.   

The Erasmus Hospital within the Brussels University Hospital (H.U.B.)

Since 2021 the Erasmus Hospital has been a part of the Brussels University Hospital (H.U.B.), alongside the Jules Bordet Institute and the Queen Fabiola University Children's Hospital. These three renowned institutions have the same ambition to improve intra-hospital cooperation and to guarantee optimal care pathways while retaining their individual identities. Each is recognised nationally and internationally for their high quality care at the leading edge of technology and for their projects and medical innovation, whether in the field of oncology, paediatrics or specialised treatment. By bringing together these individual hospitals within an umbrella structure, the patient is guaranteed a complete care pathway.   

The Erasmus Hospital in figures



25 000 and 30 000

hospitalisations a year

350 000 and 400 000

consultations a year

Our history

Since it was founded in 1977, the Erasmus Hospital has continuously developed its activities with the sole aim of guaranteeing high quality care for patients. As a university hospital, the development of infrastructures on the campus is also a priority.   

Discover the history of the Erasmus Hospital : 

  • 1977 : Inauguration of the Erasmus Hospital and its first 27 beds  
  • 1982 : Creation of the Erasmus Fund for medical research  
  • 1989 : Signing of the quality charter with the aim of improving the quality of all the hospital's activities, for patients and staff 
  • 1991 : Inauguration of the Faculty of Medicine on the campus 
  • 2004 : Inauguration of the new Day Hospital  
  • 2007 : Inauguration of the Geriatric Day Hospital    
  • 2015 : Inauguration of the Lothier Polyclinic in Brussels city centre   
  • 2017 : Inauguration of the Trauma and Rehabilitation Centre (CTR) in Laeken   
  • 2021 : Grouping of the Erasmus Hospital alongside the Jules Border Institute and Children's Hospital under the name Brussels University Hospital (H.U.B.)   
  • New Erasmus : This major project will make it possible to welcome new modern hospital services while respecting planning and landscaping requirements