Requesting a second opinion

Together we are stronger. Requesting a second opinion is a way of taking a fresh look at your care options. So don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance on your care pathway. 

Why request a second opinion at the Erasmus Hospital?

Above all else, requesting a second opinion is a choice. Everybody is entitled to request a second medical opinion for support and reassurance regarding their treatment. 

Also, not all doctors and hospitals necessarily have the expertise, experience and/or equipment required to treat your pathology.  

As a university hospital, the Erasmus Hospital gives pride of place to research and teaching and remains at the forefront of scientific research. As a result, when all conventional treatment options have been attempted, there sometimes remain possibilities at the Erasmus Hospital to benefit from innovative treatment in the framework of clinical trials. 

What procedures to follow when requesting a second opinion?

Whenever possible it is preferable to obtain a copy of your medical records from your GP. This is clearly important so that the Erasmus Hospital can give a second opinion on the basis of all the available information and not repeat examinations and visits unnecessarily. 

Specifically, patients should request a complete copy of medical records  from their original doctor and/or hospital. These have a legal obligation to provide the patient with these records within 15 days or to send them to the doctor of the patient’s choice. Some information is shared between Belgian hospitals through Brussels Health Network for the exchange of medical information. Patients must give their written and signed permission to the hospitals involved in this exchange. 

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Contacting the Erasmus Hospital

In practical terms, patients can contact the department of their choice depending on the problem encountered.