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What is tooth decay?

Tooth Decay is a common problem that occurs when the bacteria in the mouth cause the sugars to turn into acids. 

This process leads to progressive demineralisation and the formation of dental cavities. If ignored, a cavity can worsen, causing pain, infection and sometimes the loss of the tooth. A rapid identification of the symptoms, such as an unusual sensitivity or discolouring, is essential for effective treatment.  


Our clinic proposes a comprehensive care that combines prevention, early diagnosis and a variety of treatment, ranging from a simple filling to more complex procedures such as root canal treatment. Our collaborative approach that has recourse to specialists from various disciplines (speech therapist, ENT, stomatologist, hygienist, etc.) aims to provide individualised care and prevent further issues by educating patients in oral hygiene. 

Advice to parents

Preventing tooth decay in children starts with adopting healthy habits: brushing twice daily, limiting consumption of sweets and regular visits to the dentist.  Instilling good hygiene practices at a very young age is the foundation of long-term dental health. 



Our commitment to research and innovation enables our patients to benefit from the latest developments in dental restoration materials and less invasive techniques for an improved management of tooth decay. 

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